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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
you can not deny the brilliance of the engine in the m5 or the m3.
Well, yeah, I think I can. They are reasonably power-efficient motors, but like most BMW motors, they are dedicated to high rpm operation. This results in the demonstrated poor fuel efficiency, and below average reliability. I really enjoy the current E92 M3 I own, but it may not be in the "brilliant" class. I've owned a couple of ZO6 cars. The strengths and weaknesses of that car have been both accurately, and absurdly inaccurately commented upon in this thread, both by folks who have reasonable experience and perspective, and, apparent dimwits who choose only to argue a subjective and rather frivilous point of view. My goodness folks, these are just cars. Buy and drive what you choose and be willing to learn learn from others.