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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
Yeah and if the m5 weighed about the same as a z06 it would be a different story. The v10 in the m5 generates the same hp as the z06 with 2 liters less. 2 liters is the size of an s2000 engine which produces 240hp, do the math High revving naturally aspirated engines are known to guzzle fuel, thats why u dont normally find these engines in cheap cars, because the people who can afford these type of cars do not typically worry about mpg's. you can not deny the brilliance of the engine in the m5 or the m3.

Sorry but these type of arguments drive me nuts. Who frickin cares about displacement per HP? Really.
BTW, I owned an M6 and thought the engine sucked. It went through oil like a 72 chevette and had horrible gas mileage coupled with a small gas tank.
Fuel efficency isn't just about cost. It's also about frequency of filling the tank and distance covered on a tank.

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