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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
..I just don't like huge cars (corvette is twice as long as the 911 almost). I got a sedan M3 because I have one car and I'm a family man. If I were to get a real sports car, 2 doors, 2 seater, I'd get a Porsche...
It's perfectly fine to not like Vettes, and of course the current M3 may be the best compromise car ever built, by anyone, anywhere, any time...

...but this borders on light psychosis.

The current 911 is an inch longer than the GS Vette, and narrower by 1.4 inches - unless you go for one of the "special" models (Carrera 4, GTS, etc.), in which case it's a tiny bit wider than the Vette (three tenths of an inch).

The Z06 is a tiny bit longer than the 911 (six tenths of an inch), and fully three inches wider than a Carrera 4, etc.

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