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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
I drove the M3 enough and to your suprise I also drove the Corvette couple years back (wasn't the Z06 obviously).

To each his own. I don't know why you take this so personally. If you say crap about the M3, do you think I give a shit? I don't. It's not like you'd be insulting my wife or mother. It's just a car, not a matter of honor. So take it easy and relax.

I just don't like huge cars (corvette is twice as long as the 911 almost). I got a sedan M3 because I have one car and I'm a family man. If I were to get a real sports car, 2 doors, 2 seater, I'd get a Porsche.

The reason why I posted here in the first place was to give my 2 cents for DDing a Corvette. OP said he was DDing his M3 and he traded it for a Corvette. That's a whole another story because they are two completely different cars. Corvette in my opinion should be compared with a Porsche not M3. Porsche has far better name and is presitigious than Corvette can ever be. It's engineering at its best.
What would it be obvious that it wasn't a Z06 a couple years back when the Z06 was introduced in 2006. Sorry, I'm calling bullshit here that you ever drove a C6 Vette.

A Corvette is almost twice as long as a Porsche? A Corvette is actually an eighth of an inch shorter. Once again, proof that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Porsche has far better name and prestige First off, I find them to have equal amounts of prestige and name recognition. You finally said something that was correct --- Porsche engineering is simply fantastic.

But the mere fact that you are so concerned about name recognition, prestige and the emblem on the hood just fully substantiates my orginal take on what you are looking for ----- image.

Also, you have a 335 now which is a fantastic car in it's own right for what it is. Then you go on to say (not directly) that performance, speed and perhaps tracking are not as important to you. If those things aren't important, why in the hell are you ordering an M3? I know why, because it has the M badge on it. That's what's most important to you. Sad, but true.

Lastly, I'm not mad bro. I just enjoy handing people like you a dose of reality from time to time.

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