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Originally Posted by MCS
Not to flame all of the sub 20 posters on this board, but I got into my share of fender scrapes, wheel scuffs, dented/& worse doors when I was first learning how to drive. Why go through this experience on a brand new car?!?
That's totally true and I agree with you. All my friends who first started driving all drove one of their parents' extra cars that were older and advised me to do the same so if we were to hit anything, we wouldn't be too depressed over it. Since I got my license, I've been driving my parents' Nissan Maxima (98 I think) and I've scraped the bottom of it once when I was parking and there was one of those cement blocks. ;[ My car wont be here until probably early January so it's okay. Plus, if my parents are willing to get me a BMW, I'm not going to beg them to please notttt get me one.