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I can chime in on this as I've been seeing good muscle building lately.

You workout 3-4 times a week, switching between muscle groups. For me, I dedicate each workout day to 2 different muscle groups. Ex. Monday: Chest/Triceps, Wed: Biceps/Shoulders, Fri: Legs/Back. I work in forearms every now and then on one of the 3 days, just feels like whichever one Im not as tired in.

The key here is: Patience. When I started working out in the beginning of my workouts I was doing my whole body at the gym, 3 times a week. If we were talking about my chest here, I'd be working out on it three times a week!

At the beginning it got strong really quickly (about the first month or so), but then I noticed I plateau'd. I wasn't going higher in my weights, I wasn't seeing anymore muscle definition being added. I didn't notice this till about my third month, being stuck at 50's =__=.

Later I'd learn that I had to give my muscle groups one week of rest . As my weights got heavier and heavier I'd strain my muscles more. What I didn't realize was that I needed more time for them to repair. I started doing them once a week, and holy hot damn every week I feel the extra power and I see the definition coming out faster! Much faster!

Don't OVER-Train. You'll rob yourself of the recovery stage for building muscle (like I was doing). Aside from that, take protein shakes before you go to bed that are designed to release protein slowly over night. You build more muscle when you sleep than you do at the gym! Always remember that.

P.S. Don't take creatine you'll miss it when you're off it. Do it all natural.