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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
before you make strong statements like that, you should do your research.
the only reason you do not see these documentaries, is because you do not look for them and nobody brings them to you on a silver platter.
there are PLENTY, all you have to do it search.

China Blue (2005)
Manufactured Landscapes (2006)
Modern Day Slaves: OFW Overseas Foreign Workers (2010)
Santa’s Workshop: Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories

there are many many more, but you should probably do your own research before you open your mouth.

Ok so i phrased that wrong, I wanted to say is "I don't see tv making big deals out of documentaries about china, Italy, etc..." noticed on the bottom I said I've seen plenty of underground documentaries...and so I stand my ground. Big deals like the ones you listed does not make it main stream, while we nit pick on the stuff like this.

As for the comment about Iphone, I guess it's pretty funny if you put it that way, but be serious for a moment, If there exists Ipod that was made in USA I would buy it over the one made in China. I said I try my best to support American made product. Noticed the word Try, if there's no option then I guess I don't have a choice, but I will make that concious effort to buy American Made.

Someone stated about driving cost. It's true, in the end; It's all about the bottom line. So the cycle goes: One company start to outsource -> drive down the cost -> people buys it more -> in order to compete other companies will start to outsource-> cycle continues.
The only true way to stop this cycle is to actively seek out and buy stuff from companies that haven't outsource thus giving incentive to domestic products.
If you guys don't agree with this because you want to buy cheap stuff, go ahead. We'll see where your jobs will be in 20 years.

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