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Nice car, love black vette's. My dad has a z06 as his weekend car, and I love it. I would have considered buying one when I was looking for a new car if it had a back seat and a dct like option (daily driver with a lot of traffic). This same debate happens on every single non corvette forum though, whether its the gtr forums, porsche, mbenz, etc. I don't understand why people just can't appreciate a great for being a great car. I chose the m3 because in my research it was the best all around car for what I need in this price range, but there was a lot of variables in my choice that other people may not have or care about.

Also to the guy above calling out the m3 stereo type douchebag insult, really? I noticed you edited the kidding part on, but still if we were going to go by stereo type insults (like children), I'm pretty sure the guido gold chain hairy chest middle aged fat ass stereo type is way more accurate for corvette drivers than the yuppy rich kid m3 driver stereo type. Although neither are really true anymore, except my dad is sort of that stereo type =). And besides I think everyone here can agree most douche's have moved on to Audi's.

Anyway, nice car =).

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