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Originally Posted by Repsol View Post
Good points from all. Comps in the ara range from $85-87. Which is why I'm hesitant to match at $96. Area is good and is next to new schools. It was listed at $103 orginally and lowered to $96 around 21 days later.

Fyi - I already own a house but I'm renting it out and looking to pick up another property which is why I'm I'm looking at price per square more than anything.
as people have said above though, $/sq ft is a REALLY short sighted way of looking at houses, and I'd really advise against it. Many houses have unpublished increases in sq/ft (additions, finished basements, finished attics, etc) and they don't get taken into account.
What comes into play is the comps for comparable houses....the $/sq ft should play a very minor rule in all of this....