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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
for deads, i use double overhand grip, occasionally with straps. i have just recently modified my stance form and have realized that it works a lot better for me than trying to conform to the norm stances of deadlifting (sumo or oly).

for the longest time i was trying to rep 315x5 but my grip would give out after 3. when i placed my feet in an oly stance, and my hands were wider apart, I couldnt grip the weight as well. not able to grip the weight as well meant my form was off and i didnt get the drive i wanted. additionally, my hip flexibility wasn't that great so getting my butt down and my back straight was extremely difficult.

so i modified it so that my feet are slightly wider than shoulder width and i place my hands right inside my feet, so basically it looks like a sumo minus the fact that my feet are stretched very far apart. with this stance, my hips aren't as strained with the flexibility issue and i feel more solid when i explode with hips and butt. hopefully with this stance, i'll be more able to pull heavier weights.
Grip is obviously a major limiting factor and comes into play at some point for everyone. I start to have real problems in the 350-range and have to stagger my grip for a rep or two. What I really need to do is invest in some of these days.

As for your stance, it sounds like you've done a good job identifying what works. There really is no one right way to do some of the compound exercises because everyone's body is built a little differently. Good luck!
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