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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
As a matter of fact I do feel the same exact way when it comes to those cars. The only distinction I make between someone who drives an orange lambo and someone who drives a orange vette is that the guy with the lambo has money and the guy with the vette is a big time poser, but both r douche bags to the fullest degree. I for one love the understated look of my m3, I didn't buy it to show off and stand out. My car doesn't scream (hey look at me, I'm a douche bag with alot of money and I'm starving for attention). My car is subtle and understated just the way I like it. R u proud of yourself for buying a mustang and getting rid of ur m3? What, so you can tell ur friends that u can keep up or beat an m3 for half the price? Lol. In thr grand scheme of things Performance numbers mean very little to m3 owners. If it were all abou performance numbers than we all probably buy at gtr, a car that has no feel no soul but can run circles around an m3. Feel is key. The point I was trying to make, is why would you have bought an m3 in the first place if pure performance is what u are ultimately looking for. Getting used to the refinement and build quality of an m3 then going to a mustang or a vette? I mean seriously, why would anyone do that to themselves? You shouldve just bought the vette or the stang in the first place and not bothered with superiority.
There are so many quotes in this thread I didn't know where to start.

This one seemed good though . First off I would like to point out the Valencia Orange 1 series M coupe. Maybe people just like certain colors on cars? Oh and a ZR1 is a Corvette and guess what? Inferno Orange Metallic is certainly a color option. Seems to me someone driving a 120k car will indeed "have money".

There are a lot of other very stupid things said throughout the majority of this thread but I would like to focus on the OP.

OP awesome car! I got back from Ron Fellows Performance Driving School yesterday where I spent three days in a Z06 flying around that track. For me, it was an experience of a life time. It is truly amazing what those machines are capable of. The ride along with the instructors was absolutely awesome. If you ever want to see what your car is truly capable of, I highly recommend the program.

One thing I wanted to point out was the sheer durability of the Corvette. After 15 hot laps the oil temperature of the car I was driving (a Z06 in about 95 degree weather) rose about 4 degrees above normal operating temperature (if that).

Even more impressive was the fact that the same applied to the F/I ZR1. This appreciation stems from how ridiculously quickly my 2009 335i will heat up with a even tiny bit of spirited driving.

My Dad has owned both a Z06 and a ZR1 now and I was very hesitant about his decision to purchase such an expensive American made Chevrolet. After three days behind the wheel of the Z06 and the extremely fortunate experience of sitting passenger for two hot laps with the head instructor of the school going 100% in the ZR1, I can tell you right now Chevrolet is making truly amazing machines (BTW I can't remember if the 2009's have Michelins but if not, put them on that car!).

OP, feel free to PM me about the experience I had at the school if you are interested. I also noticed you have blacked out those awful orange indicators (sweet!) and I have some advice on a few other mods you may be interested in.

I hope you install the mild-to-wild exhaust switch!!!! Do not hesitate for one second about doing that. It is awesome.