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Originally Posted by stingray23 View Post
and in A LOT of cases, thats good.

OP, congrats! you will LOVE it!
Why is it that in EVERY thread that a Vette is mentioned, you always feel the need to defend anything negative said about a Vette and then bash BMW?

Do you hate BMWs? Why do you own one?

As I said many times, Vettes are nice and a great value. They have strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, performance is a strength. However, performance is not the most important thing, especially, on a DD. Vettes suffer from many short comings that I am sure you are aware of, although you may not want to admit it.

I think most people on this forum agree that Vettes are:

1. fast as hell
2. visually appealing as they look like a super car (Z06, ZR1, etc...)
3. Great bang for the buck
4. Not as well rounded of a car than an ///M3
5. Suffer from poor craftsmanship (interior) and use plenty of parts that seem to belong on a Cobalt
6. Anything other than the magnetic suspension offers a very rough ride
7. Usually driven by guys, in their mid-50s who have mullets (J/K LOL!)