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Originally Posted by Swedish M3ffia View Post
I must admit that this corvette looks pretty awesome but here only wannabe immigrants with small pockets drive them. The performence is very respectable but I am having trouble liking it. It is not cool. the m3 is in another division. it is not a 2 seater built of plastic so its you cant really compare them. I think the m3 is much more beautiful, the corvette is for people who like to showoff but doesn't have the penny

Dumbass....... a fucking ZO6 costs more than an M3 and a ZR1 costs more than an M6. Do some research before you post babble. Seriously get over yourself. M3 is awesome, but it is not the "rich mans" car, like you make it out to be. When is the last time you sat in a Vette? When is the last time you drove a Vette?

I really don't know where this Shitty build quality stigma comes from. The Vette is a solid performer on and off the track, in and out of the garage.

Oh BTW... my E90 M3 had as much plastic on the outside as the Vette does... called weight savings.
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