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Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
BUY AMERICAN.... support the hard workers of the United States... lol I did, just bought a 2011 Fully loaded (minus glass roof) Mustang Gt Premium 5.0. On order is the Boss 302 Intake manifold, JBL CAI, Kooks LT headers, Magnaflow cat back and tuner and guess what.... I paid for all that less than what an Akra costs alone.... Apparently the 5.0 gives the M3 a run for its money... we will see. I really do not think my new interior is inferior to the M3's... by any stretch of the imagination.
Nice looking Mustang. They are great fun for the money. However, I will say that I fall into the camp that thinks the interior is not up to M3 standards. I had a 2011 GT500 and a 2010 M3 so I'm not just basing my opinion on pics or a short test drive. I'm not saying the inside of the Mustang is junk, I like it better than the Vettes I've seen, but I still feel like there is too much hard plastic compared to the BMW. Of course I expect a better interior in the M3 considering the much higher asking price.