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Originally Posted by Zephyr15 View Post
It seems a little odd that your deads are only 20 lbs higher than your squat; you should be able to get to 405 without too much trouble.

Squat: 300 (275 x 5); Deads: 400 (355 x 5); Bench: 290 (225 x 10) = 990 total
Weight: 245
Height: 6'7"

Ratio: 4.04

Note: All my maxes are estimates. My program is Wendler 5/3/1 so I don't test a true 1RM. I estimated the numbers by entering recent lifts into a couple 1RM calculators (; and then selecting a number that was lower than the calculators' combined average 1RM (I hope that makes sense). My most recent lifts for each exercise are in parenthesis after the projected 1RM.
for deads, i use double overhand grip, occasionally with straps. i have just recently modified my stance form and have realized that it works a lot better for me than trying to conform to the norm stances of deadlifting (sumo or oly).

for the longest time i was trying to rep 315x5 but my grip would give out after 3. when i placed my feet in an oly stance, and my hands were wider apart, I couldnt grip the weight as well. not able to grip the weight as well meant my form was off and i didnt get the drive i wanted. additionally, my hip flexibility wasn't that great so getting my butt down and my back straight was extremely difficult.

so i modified it so that my feet are slightly wider than shoulder width and i place my hands right inside my feet, so basically it looks like a sumo minus the fact that my feet are stretched very far apart. with this stance, my hips aren't as strained with the flexibility issue and i feel more solid when i explode with hips and butt. hopefully with this stance, i'll be more able to pull heavier weights.
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