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Apparently, you never will


nothing new from you


I own both and there is absolutely ZERO comparison between the 2. Looks wise, ZERO. Performance? C'mon!LOL!!! My M3 is my cruiser, while my Z06 is the street bruiser. Its an AWESOME car in every way.

I DD mine and wouldnt change a thing. It kills the M3 and most other performance cars in MPG, its comfortable, has all the features you would need, and has tons of space in the hatch. I wouldnt want it any other way.
You're right, there is no comparison between the two. They are two completely different cars for completely different purposes. But from what I've read from most of your posts, I don't know you have an M3. I get that you like Corvettes and so does every one else on this forum. You're on a BMW forum, what do you expect a lot of the folks on here to lean towards? It seems you like to bash the BMWs when it is a car you own. If you don't like them, then why own one?

I am not a badge monger either. I like to own a variety of cars for their different merits. I've stated before and will say it again, the Corvette is one of the best bang for the buck sports cars out there. The Z06 is probably the "sweet spot" in the line up. I've owned what I consider higher cars on the food chain than the Vette but you won't find me on the Corvette forum ripping on them because I still respect what they are. And, yes, I have owned one. Of course, everyone has their opinions. It just seems your is shall we say anti-BMW. For those that have not owned both, I would say the same thing.

To the OP, the car looks amazing in Black. Congrats.