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Originally Posted by whyrms View Post
I hate these fucking documentaries...yeah yeah they drink? smoke weed? oh shit...big fucken deals.

You know why i hate them? because they always target american, you know why? cause it's easy, and they got a lot of free times to nit pick. I don't see people doing documentary on workers in china, or italy, or france, or philipine. What? it's too difficult to do that?
I follow underground journalism enough to know that worse shit goes down in other country than beer drinking. So when these things show up to defame american, I scoff. Did you know that the oil industry in china collect cooking oil from the sewage (because they float to the top of the sewage) and reprocess it and sell it to people? THAT is something worth nothing.

I loath things that are made in China. I've been a consumer enough to know that if you buy something that is made in USA chances are that it won't be contaminated with lead, deadly chemicals, or radioactive shits. FUCK MADE IN CHINA!!!! companies outsource cause the labor is cheaper and the quality assurance in those countries are almost non-existing. Those companies are poisoning our country for money. I swear to myself to try my best not to support those kind of business, and I think you should too.

/end rant.
So I take it you boycott using iphone?

Also, you get what you pay for. And as for selling dangerous goods, Nestle was involved in the 2008 baby milk scandal in China. I'm just sayin' we're not angels either. Stuff happens. If you do something wrong, be prepared to face the consequences. I don't think ANYONE should be given a free pass.

And there have been NUMEROUS documentaries about 3rd world working conditions. I know for a fact I've seen a couple about China. Anyways, outsourced labor is much cheaper than "American," so again, you get what you pay for; or in this case you get drunks working on your multi-million dollar jet. When you pay a premium, you expect professionals, not screwing around. So your expectation of American quality didn't really apply in this instance now, did it? And I think we can all agree this isn't the first time any of us have heard of people drinking on the job in America. Maybe I'm looking at this harshly, but I just don't agree with this being no big deal. I think it is a big deal we have people working on military crafts while impaired; they're putting lives at risk.

Anyways, is China selling reprocessed sewage oil to USA? If not, let's worry about problems that affect US first. Since we came down on the lead scandal, has it happened to us again?