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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Consider the 70-200mm f/4L IS seriously. It's IQ is as good as the f/2.8, it's way lighter and smaller and it costs considerably less. With the excellent high-ISO performance of today's bodies, it's becoming the preferred choice of those that need to carry it on a second body as they lug a beastly 500mm or 600mm through the woods, into the swamps and up the mountains to shoot wildlife and birds in the wild.

There's a place for an f/2.8 in the kit of many, like a wedding photographers, but it's unneeded bulk and weight for many (most?) of us.

I have the F4, I love it, but if i'm shooting people with it, that wider depth of field is a bit annoying. That's my only complaint about the F4. It's auto focus is faster then anything else i have, and the IS is better then everything else too. I just wish i could get the DoF a little narrower.