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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Other than having to use my $40 18-55 lens an associated sharpness deficiencies. What would you do with something in front of you like this? Or PP.
Grand Canyon sunset last August.
18mm, F14, .8 sec., 100 ISO, +.7
I think I need to get that EF-S 17-55 or 15-85 for summer.
That's a great looking shot. I'm assuming you used IS or were you on a tripod?

you shooting Nikon or Canon?

Major haze is something you definitely have to do in post processing, even a polarizer won't get it all, but it definitely helps make work easier in post processing.

only thing i would do in the situation of that picture is put it on a tripod (if it weren't already) and set the camera up to autobracket on the multi shot drive so the clouds don't move too far while you're shooting.