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One year/22K Miles Accurate Gas Stats with Graphs

* My car is one year old today.
* Average 60 miles/day of 85% Hwy and 15% light suburban traffic
* Every single drop of gas was recorded on this app (even the first one from the dealer)
* It's funny I keep on recording since I pay little to no attention to gas prices (can't have a high revving V8 and let gas price spoil your enjoyment) I donno why I kept doing it but I may be OCD.
* First 5-6 months I was driving mainly on D setting then for the past 6 months strictly S3-5.
* Note how much gas I filled on July 7th when the car was saying 0 miles left.
I though this may be helpful to those who haven't gotten their M3 yet.
* The 2 partial fills in July and August are the only 2 from a gas station other than Shell, all others are full tank from Shell.
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