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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
I want to do this. I watched a few minutes of the infomercial this morning. Seen it before but now I'm training for a half marathon and have about 3 months till it. This would be great I think cuz I'd like to get fit better overall other then just cardio.

Would anyone be willing to burn it for me? I'd paypal you some coin once the DVD's are received and confirm they work. PM me whoever is willing
Originally Posted by jvasquez2428 View Post
Yes can anyone do his?? me..plz!!
Why don't you both just buck up and pay for the program, instead of asking people to steal for you....

It is worth every penny you will pay for it. If you don't want to buy new from the supplier then look for a legit version on EBAY, or Craigslist. I bought a sealed version of P90x on CL for $75, bought my first Insanity new, then bought another set on EBAY for $60.