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boku no namae ha...

Drives: 2006 BS 330i
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Lifting Ratio & Goals

Squat max + Deadlift max + Bench max / body weight

S:365 // D:385 // B:315 = 1065 total
Body weight: 190
Height: 5'8"

Ratio: 5.6


I can box squat fine but my knees get owned when I try to go real heavy on regular squats. Hopefully someday I'll be able to squat 4 plates. For deadlift, I'm trying to hit 4 plates as well. Lastly, I don't really care much for benching so I have no plans on trying to increase weight. If anything I'll try to see how many reps of 275 I can get which is slightly above 80%max.

Please share #s and goals!
looking for a PreLCI Black Sapphire e90 front bumper without license plate holes

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