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Originally Posted by koxal View Post
Hi All,

I am 6'1 tall and weight 160 LBS.

I am working out 4-5 times a week. Only weight lifting right now. No cardio at all.

I need to gain some weight. But my problem is a little different here.
I was 220lbs about a year ago and lost almost 60 lbs over the time.
As you can see, gaining weight is not an issue for me at all

But I want to gain quality weight. by saying that, i want to gain muscle.

last 2-3 weeks, i changed my diet and i am having around 2700 calories a day.
Although i gained 2-3 lbs during that time, i just noticed that my body fat increased from %12.5 to %14.0.

by other words, instead of muscle, i put on body fat.

i work with a personal trainer twice a month. i believe my exercices are good enough for me to gain muscle.

I eat quality food, nothing fried or junk food etc. i also take protein shakes every day. (38 gr a day)

So what i am doing wrong here??? What i need to do to gain that muscle?

I need your suggestions and want to hear your experiences in this matter..


This is very easy to fix, your calories are too high for what you want to accomplish; a slow bulk or "clean" bulk (minimizing fat gain).

Do you know what your maintenance is?

Once you find that out, add 250 calories on top of that. Don't forget to compensate for any cardio you incorporate into your workout.

FWIW I burn 2200 cals a day sedentary. I clean bulk on 2600. I gain .5lbs a week consistently.