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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Boating I get, but why does an ankle sprain keep you from BBQing?
I was the one planning it so i was the one who had to go drive around for the steaks and bring the BBQ equipment to the location too. Can't drive with crutches and can't carry anything with crutches so I had to call off the thing. I could've had my buddy help me do it, but he lost his license =___=

Originally Posted by solefald View Post
Went to play paintball few years back. Last game of the day, friend of mine stumbles on a root or something while running, falls on his face and starts screaming like a girl. We run up to him WTF? And his right foot is pointing backwards. Complete 180 degrees. He broke his femur (!!!) bone in 7 (!!!) places. Had to be airlifted to the hospital, metal rods through his leg, a year of recovery and scars for life.

So you got it easy man. It will go away soon
omfg my ankle hurts when i think about it twisting back 180! jesus! Imma be extra careful and wear high boots when I go paintballing