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Sounds like you have kind of a thin frame if you are 6'1 and 160. A lean 220 for you will be very hard to achieve and maintain. That is pretty massive on a thin frame.

If you want to get there though some of the things that will help you are:
  • more time in the gym
  • start taking supplements, pre-workout (get more reps) and post work-out (recover faster)
  • a very strict diet with a huge amount of protein eating 6 times day (your body can only absorb so much protein in a given amount of time)
  • make sure you eat protein within 30-60 minutes of your workout
  • sleep at least 8 hours a night
  • stop eating 3 hours before bed (messes up your insulin levels which screws up fat burning and muscle building for several hours of your sleep cycle)
  • drink lots of water
  • cut the sugar

I think you should try getting to maybe a lean 190-200 first and see how you like it. When you aren't carrying around much body fat you will be surprised how big you actually are.

I've also seen people go another route where they dont care about the added fat. If a lean 220 was your goal they will balloon up to like 240-250 and then cut until they are back to 220. The theory is they can achieve a lean 220 faster that way. Although that cut is the hard part! haha I have a few buddies who got to 240 and then didn't make the cut because they couldn't handle dieting when they have that much muscle starving for food.
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