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Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
Wow, that is right on par with the Ferrari 458 Italia I believe in terms of power per litre...

In response to the Cup Cars I think they are a bit over-rated. I've seen a few at Summit Point and they just look like a PAIN in the butt to deal with. They have to trailer them in, take forever to get setup, not to mention warmed up, and half the time the driver stalls the car trying to get it moving once off the trailer... All that and the few I saw weren't much faster than the ZR1 there (and he drove his home as if nothing happened after racing all day). But I guess some people are into all that If I wanted to go that fast though I'd just get an Atom at that point
Good points here!
It is nice to be able to drive home without a tailer. I would not need a tow vehicle for any other reason so I wanted to avoid this need. However when you start adding slicks even just R-comp slicks like the R6, it is getting more and more difficult to get by without a trailer. I cannot fit and carry the R-comp wheels in the RS like I could in the M3.
If i graduate to the "trailer group" I will get the Radical SR8 or this new Caterhem / Lola car. Honestly the shifter kart would be the best thing but no track around here. Shifter karts are very fast, relaively cheap and so much fun!!