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Originally Posted by 33CV View Post
Hi, I have a pretty big rock chip and fear that I will need to get the windscreen replaced. Last time this happened I had the dealer take care of it but it was only a chip and could be fixed.

This time I probably need to replace the whole windscreen.
Not sure whether to take it to the services like "Carglass" do a better job? I assume they have more experience than dealers in replacing windscreens, or maybe they would even be able to repair it...

Anybody have any good experiences?
I had Carglass fix a small chip a while back; did a good job and it is impossible to detect. I went to the one that is just off the Seine quay, near Trocadero. BMW Paris-Velizy probably can do a good job as well. All of them though will only fix it if the chip is located on certain parts of the windshield - they have a template they use to determine this.

If they won't fix it for you, you may want to get one of the kits that some companies sell online - but I'd do it quickly because moisture and temp differentials will expand the size of the hole. If possible, put a piece of tape to cover it up.