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So i was talking to this juice head that works at starbucks and he laughed at me when I told him I do legs and biceps in one day. And I quote "brahh you don't need to work your biceps out, they get enough exercise when you're doing other muscles." I donno how I feel about this but if I don't work my biceps out they don't look as big.

Any truth to this?
Yes and no.

If you have your routine together, and have a solid back work out, no, bicep exercises wouldn't be 'needed'. Deadlifts, pull up variations, rows, pull downs, various kettle bell movements, etc provide quite a bit of stimulation [giggity] to the biceps, which are extremely small BTW.

Despite this I still like to isolate them if for no other reason than self satisfaction. There are 2 specific curls that I do, however, that I do feel are helpful.

Reverse grip curls, I use an ez bar with fixed weight, hands over the top, curl with strict form.

Hammer curls.

As far as reps, with biceps I do real low reps high weight, They get trained well on back days so if I'm trying to gain anything by isolating them it's just mass.
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.