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F-ing hate my situation atm.... ughhh

Went out with friends today to play laser tag (someone's genius idea) and while running around in this dark maze I didn't see where my foot was and landed sideways on my ankle.

Went to the hospital and got some tenser bandages as well as crutches. No fractures (thank heavens) but the doctor says it's a bad sprain and will take me a couple weeks to get over it. Sucks BALLS because I can't get around freely anymore and even getting up to wash my hands is a challenge. It looks like a baby's fist is next to my ankle, it's swollen pretty bad.

I'm not basically stuck at home without a left foot to use and had to cancel my BBQ and Boating plans for 2mr, as well as the next few weeks without gym exercise. Angry Angry Angry. But hey, at least it's not the worst thing that could've happened to me. Frustrated though, gaah.


Edit: Turns out I either completely teared the ankle ligaments/tendons, or almost-complete teared it off... I did feel/hear a pop when I landed funny which is why I went to the hospital after to check for fractures.

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