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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
Very interesting. I am not a believer in 9/11 being an "inside job" or a false flag operation. However, as more evidence mounts up, if the body of evidence that I examine comes to indicate it was a false flag, then I will have to take that side. I do not trust big government. It is not our friend.

To me, the evidence I have seen brings me to the conclusion that it is as it was depicted on television, given to us by the federal government.

Often the official story remains the accepted story because it was there first, ready for our consumption. In some cases, a well-rehearsed, believable story. Think of the several times one woman fainted at each of several Obama rallies during his campaign for the Democrat party nomination. Obama gave each one of them a bottle of water or directed them to receive help. It was pure theater, yet the crowds ate it up.
You should read this about false flag operations.

Lots of things about 9/11 just don't add up. I don't fully believe the story I posted but at least it gets us thinking about wtf is really going on.

Jessie Venture seems to be the only person out there who sincerely cares about our country, does not play politics and is trying to get to the truth.

Some examples of them changing the truth to suit their purposes.

Jessica Lynch

Pat Tillman

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