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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
...since in actuality the E46 wasn't peaky at all.
Eh, opinions.

What? You're saying you're not sure an M3 with more power and especially more torque in the typical on track operating range would be a quicker and faster car?
I'm saying I would take a flatter torque curve, at the expense of a higher peak value, any time, any day, including for track use.

I'm also saying that you make it a much bigger issue than it is.

Wow. I guess we can more or less figure out the depth of your automotive knowledge then, can't we.
There's more of you? The more the merrier.

I don't claim any in depth automotive knowledge - at the most, an informed opinion. Many times I fail at the "informed" part. But I'm glad to see you care.

It would be child's play for BMW's engineers to match the power and torque-per-liter numbers from a previous (and mildly outdated) design.
Sure. But then the torque curve would not be as flat, so they made the decision to go super-flat and that's what you are seeing in the S65.

Again, you may not like it, and bitch & moan at every opportunity, but if it doesn't bother an actual owner (me) who uses his car on and off the track, why would it bother you?

but they could've sacrificed some of that for significantly higher numbers and a quicker car.
I don't think a peakier torque curve necessarily would make for a faster car. Either in a drag race, or on track. I'm also not hung up on numbers.

It in fact would be nice to watch the C63 driver at the light in the next lane mess with his radio to avoid facing you, instead of you messing with your radio.
Oh please.

My last speed contest with a C63 was in the rain and on a racetrack. My M3 with completely worn down tires completely embarrassed my neighbor's C63, this despite him being the better driver. Other than that, when I see him on the morning school run we drive 25mph. We both fiddle with the radio.

I am quite satisfied with the performance of the M3, it's fast enough on and off the track. I also don't care if I end up "loosing" to a C63, Honda Odyssey or baby stroller. I am secure enough to understand the reason I'm driving the M3 (to have fun) and to simply give a thumbs up to anybody I end up having fun with.

An E9X M3 isn't in my garage not because of its engine (...) but because it's too big and fat in my opinion
Well good thing you went with a C63, it's much lighter.

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