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Originally Posted by schoy View Post
If OBL's been dead since 2001, as claimed by Dr. Pieczenik, my first question is why didn't Bush Jr. take credit for the "kill", especially during the waning years of his Presidency, so as to salvage whatever public opinion he had left? Why bother keeping it under wraps at that point?

Just sayin' ...
"Killing" Bin Laden could be used as almost a "success" of the Afghan war. I hate to use that word because I know how many people have died. It can also be used to show that America is not incompetent and can be used to justify the last 10 years of spending taxpayers money in wars. Not to mention the huge favours it does for Obama who wasn't looking good up till now.

Bush was always going to be an idiot after the Iraq war. At least now Obama looks like the guy who came in and cleaned everything up. Lying bastard he is though. Iraq and Afghanistan wars are still happening, Guantanamo Bay is still running, and now we have to just take Obama's word that they killed Bin Laden...