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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
And your standard for determining facts depends on being spoon fed by mass media, same media that is spoon fed by the White House??

What standards for determining facts do you depend on?

Well that's what I think. I think there is a possibility that Obama's account about what happened may be true. However, there is a possibility that Bin Laden was already dead or that he is still alive and they are holding him right now.

The fact is that every newspaper and news channel have shown pictures of Obama making official announcements and showed pictures of the compound. That makes the whole thing seem real, but it doesn't actually mean it's true. People are starting with an assumption that the official story is true and then working all the other details out later e.g. was Bin Laden armed or not? We don't even know if he was there!

There are already conflicting stories coming out that Pakistan gave intel in 2009 about that compound yet America are saying they couldn't trust Pakistan. I guarantee people will take the U.S story over Pakistan because to most people it is a backward country full of terrorists and America is the world policeman always truthful.