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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
Great, good for you.

This is where you sound like a egotistical douchebag. For you, staying up all night before a test would be stupid. For others, myself included, it works. Considering the goal is to score the highest one can on whatever the test is, staying up the night is not doing anything wrong. It's providing more time to reinforce concepts, formula's, processes, what have you.

Thinking these people are doing something wrong, or are stupid, or "lesser" is a complete miscalculation on your part. Everyone has their own style of learning, and being able to recognize what works best is a form of intelligence and self awareness, rather than one of inferiority. Is someone who heard something 3 months ago and can repeat it exactly smarter than someone who can't? Not unless you want to start crowning autistic people some of the smartest and most capable people around.

Live and let live. The only reason you're hating is because of you're own insecurities and inferiority complexes. I've not once hated on someone who got 8hrs of sleep before a test and did better than I did. And for someone to actually try to infer some sort of intellectual superiority because of such is really just digging their own "intellectual" grave by confirming their ignorance or lack of acknowledgment of methods of learning contrary to their own.
Damn. I'm sorry you were so butt hurt over what I said. Don't take things so personally, literally and seriously. I was just ranting, nothing more, nothing less. If anything you sound like the douchebag with the insecurities after that thorough response.
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