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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
So your family doesnt like BMW, Audi, Lexus, or Porsche.. and tired of Benz..

He needs something tall with a floaty ride..

Well, search no more because I have the car for you.

not true, but i know how we sound. they are not amazed by the panamera, but it is not the right car for them, its my fault i pushed it. Benz we like. BMW, half the family likes other doesnt. Audi never liked, but after trying the new a8l im changing me, we have all been extremely frustrated with this car hunt. looked at everything from jeep patriots and ford edges, to lincolns and maybachs...

Originally Posted by a burrito View Post
My father is similar in tastes to whoever you are buying this car for. He has a Pan TT and a S63 and to keep the long story short he drives the S63 more because it is more comfortable and usable for everyday driving. As much as you don't want to hear it, the S may very well be the BEST choice for your family member as well but if you wanted to try somethign new I can see how a flying spur would be a great choice. Honestly, we tried to convince my father to get a Bentley CGT or a flying spur when he was shopping around but he didn't want to attract a lot of attention.

Oh and there is always the 7..
thanks, yeah, i think they must be very similar - he hates our panamera...

finally, settled on what you guys all said and what seemed like the rational medium (3rd one now, wanted to try something new, but i guess its what fits us); s-class, not amg or anything, just 4matic with the rear comfort packages and stuff for him to be driven... We needed a car that the office staff could drive without major concern (i.e. no flying speed)

Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
I wish this was a delimna I had to face....... lol Hmmm I wonder what 1/4 of million dollar car I should buy today???
to be honest not much that is justified - he doesnt truly love cars, its for comfort and function. for some of us, it could be understood to spend that much. but once he realized that none of the cars really made him happy and we are desperate to get one (he cant get to work in our cars) we settled. going to get it tomorrow.

Originally Posted by GnokGnik View Post
I don't know about you, but I would feel uncomfortable rocking a high profile car like that. I would go with a loaded S550 or S600.
definitely feel stupid getting the groceries in a maybach....

anyways, thank you all for the input and advice...

ill update the thread tmrw once we decide on the color...
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