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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
It would appear that your standard for determining facts depends on you personally witnessing an event. That is a mighty high standard and not one used by normal humans. Your philosophy must be very limiting for you.
It is not. But to believe the argument because of a perception regarding the source of the argument is not logical. Thankfully, you aren't likely to sit on any jury I may, God forbid, come before. It's pretty clear that because the authorities say something happened, you believe it did happen just as they say. My standard of proof, in contrast, is the same as that in any court in the US: beyond a reasonable doubt.

The government -- the CIA, the military and the White House -- is staffed, at the highest levels, by incredibly intelligent folks. Of that there can be little question. Minimally, there's a ton of legally trained people in such positions. That they didn't anticipate there would be questions raised about the veracity of their claim of Osama's death would be very disappointing to me. Accordingly, there must have been a reason for their not taking any action to mitigate the doubt regarding their claim.

In this particular situation, if the claim is true, there was nothing especially challenging about presenting a body to demonstrate its accuracy.

Finally, though you want to make me out to be a "crazy" person, the fact is you've not presented one line of argument to show that the man is dead. At best, all you've offered are a set of ad hominen inferences, which even they you failed to support with a cogent set of facts, to say nothing of the fact that those inferences don't actually address the point at hand. You, however, are not alone. Others posting in this thread have sought to deny that Osama may not be dead via arguments based upon red herrings, question begging, and personal attacks.

It's your right to believe what you're told by your government, and I respect your freedom to acquiesce accordingly. It's my right to question what they say when there's little evidence to support what they say.

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