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Originally Posted by m3cragg View Post
i did some investigating and its seems to be leaking from the oil cap, I have a bunch of quarter size drops on the garage floor and in driveway and they are almost directly below the oil cap. Also around the oil cap is oily as well. Ill call dealership monday.
My '08 M3 was leaking oil from the oil cap too.

I get the car back from a 15,000 mile service and, soon thereafter, I get low oil warning on the display. I stop by the dealer who did the service and the SA goes, 'you're probably driving the car hard and the car does consume oil, just buy some at the parts dept.' And, I'm going 'but, you guys did a 15,000 mile service earlier this week - i.e. oil change was done & topped off.' He shrugs.

So, I buy several quarts just in case and top off the oil. Few days later, I get the warning display again. I put more oil in. After about a week of that, I've gone through all the oil that I bought. And, I'm starting to notice oil drips on the driveway. I go back to the dealer, the SA has the car checked out, and it turns out, the o-ring/gasket under the oil cap was kinked (obviously by the mechanic who did the 15,000 mile service).

They replaced it, and cleaned up the engine/engine bay.
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