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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Why? If Tony Blair or similar were invited, they would be dismissed as our poodles by anyone with a conspiracy mindset.
As I said, individuals from favorable as well as unaligned factions would be fine...hell, have the Swiss or the Pope verify the event. I'm not terribly concerned about who verifies it, though your point about objectivity is germane and should be considered in selecting the witnesses. I'm concerned that right now, nobody is in a position to verify it.

Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
If we invited Ahmadinijad or similar, we give our enemies a free and open platform to bad talk us at our own invite. Do you trust Ahmajinidad or similar?
They don't need this as a platform. They say what they want and make accusations that suit them anyway. But I probably wouldn't choose him either.

Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
You seem to have this odd belief that conspiracy crazies are swayed by facts, yet you seem completely unswayed by facts yourself. It is an interesting contradiction.
What facts have been presented? Right now, we have but unsubstantiated statements that the death occurred. As with all things our leaders do, their statements don't give reality to an alleged sequence of events. We've seen that truism played out repeatedly.
  • I did not have sex with that woman.
  • There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • We did not trade weapons for hostages.
  • Read my lips: no new taxes.

It is clearly not beyond the capacity of a US President, to say nothing of his subordinates, to misrepresent the truth. The scope and nature of the things about which Presidents will lie is unlimited. Osama's death, given the significance of such an occurrence, is certainly something the government would lie about if they instead captured, but did not kill him. Or, alternately, just to posit another scenario, found his long dead remains somewhere.

Today, I read on ABC or CNN (don't recall which) that in addition to Osama's remains and assorted documentation, our forces left the compound with an individual who was in the compound when our guys arrived. Who was that individual? A spy we had placed inside Osama's cabal? Another Al Qaeda leader/official?

Finally, I read too that the decisions surrounding the potential release of a photo are being left to the CIA. Now where is the sense in that? It's a damn photo of a dead man. What special talents have the CIA to play a role in determining how, when, whether to release a photo of him? They couldn't have any skill in this area any more than, say a professor Islamic culture or one or more of our diplomats in the Arab world. They do have skill, however, at clouding issues, fabricating supposed realities, keeping secrets, and obfuscating the truth; it's what they do.

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