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BMW Performance Wheel Problem - DEAD!

Hey guys,

I have had my performance wheel for a while now and love it. I turn it on everytime I drive.

Last week, the wheel just died. I drove a while and it worked fine. Car sat for a few hours. The wheel would not turn back on after that. The car was garaged, and the wheel was cool, so it's not heat that caused it. I don't get the "welcome" graphic or anything whatsoever. It's totally dead.

I had the dealer install it and recall them telling me they had to run a power wire. However, I have no idea where they ran it or tapped it. I don't see any "non-factory" wires coming out under the dash by the steering column. Before I take it in, I thought I would ask those of you that installed your own wheel where you tapped in for power.

I checked all the fuses behind the glove box and they are all good.

Thoughts appreciated. I would rather solve this myself than leave it at the dealer all day......but I am at the point where I can't think of anything else to check, aside from pulling the wheel and checking it manually.

Comments welcomed.....

EDIT: I found the install instructions PDF in this thread. I will check all of those connections. I bet the dealer installed it this way? I hope so. However, please comment if you installed any different that the instructions.
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