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BMW Carbonfiber Spoiler installation, 3M tape works perfect!

Sorry I didnt not take any pics but there is absolutly no reason if installed properly that 3M double sided automotive tape will not work. I believe many auto stores sell it and even home depot. Its the grey foam tape with the red backing, its no different then the tape used on the OEM M3 lip spoiler.

First off the spoiler weighs nothing, it is alot lighter then the stock spoiler so no serious glueing is required. I wanted to be able to remove the spoiler later if I needed to, and using betalink would probably be very difficult to remove without damaging the spoiler.

Anyways on to the install, remove the stock spoiler with fishing line. Once its off heat up the residual tape thats left with a heat gun and it should come off with a little work. I then used a wax and grease remover on the spoiler and the trunk to make sure the tape would stick on a clean surface for maximum contact.

As for the tape, I used a fine exacto knife and cut strips of tape to the appropriate width and put it around the entire edge of the spoiler. I didnt put it right on the edge of the spoiler, more like a 2 or 3mm away from the edge so when the spoiler is put down the tape isnt visible.

Once all done tape I test fitted the spoiler so I would know where to place it because once the tape sticks it will be very hard to remove without messing up the tape. To make things easier, once I had the spoiler all lined up I used some masking tape and tape areas around the spoiler as a guide so I could line up the spoiler in one shot.

I then peeled all the red backing off the tape and then heated up both the decklid and the spoiler with the heat gun so the tape would be tacky and be sticking to a warm clean surface for maximum intial adhesion.

I then placed the spoiler on using the masking tape I put down earlier as a guide and pressed the spoiler down good when I checked everything. the spoiler is on really good and is not going anywhere. Save yourselfs the messy headache of using glue and just use the tape. If you take your time and do it right it works perfect. That tape is used in many OEM applications and has been used for years and it holds on much heavier parts that take more abuse then an extremely light carbonfiber spoiler.