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Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y
After being on the forum for a few months, I've noticed that BMW owners are very egocentric about their car. They will not accept any other car as being better. Wake up and smell the roses! E90 is a great car.....and I have one, but it's not the best car in the world - and it will probably break down before the Honda(but that's another story!)

Like I said before.....if the E90 had a Ford/Dodge badge...
how many of you would have bought it or look at it?
My parents said the EXACT same thing to me. When asking what car I wanted, I told my parents i wanted the 3 series and they both said I wanted it mainly because it was a BMW. I mean, i like the way the car looks, but it's also a plus that it's a BMW. If it was a toyota 325i, i would not have wanted it. ;] yeah we're all superficial.