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I feel like if you buy any premium car, whether it P-Car, Vette, GTR, you should promise to autocross and track it every once in a while.

I manage to get my willies by driving M3s (E30 to E90) and just banging on that rev limiter flying through gears. The E30s and E36s are very rewarding to drive, because they will bite if you get it wrong. (Like Vipers and FF Cobras and even Vettes)

When I do ride alongs at Corvette Club Autocrosses I feel bad for the guys with their auto transmissions, and they all regret their decision and eventually jump over to a manual one.

Vettes have all the necessary ingredients to put a big smile on most faces and the price for that is great.

The great thing about all sports cars is; they are meant for you to drive the piss out of them, and if you aren't hitting the limiter and occasionally causing the car to rotate (along with burning through pads and tires), you're doing it wrong.