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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Better call BMW and tell them to recall their performance exhausts. Timing adjustments and fueling adjustments are a normal fact of life with this, and other, modern ECUs. Some handle it far better than others. The same adjustments must be made at altitude and when fuel quality changes. None of these adjustments will put the engine in as dramatic a danger as you would have people believe. Although getting a crappy tank of gas is never good.
"up to 3 ft/lbs and 6 hp on select models" whoop-ti-doo.. Might as well fart while you're on the accelerator.

People don't need to be able to reverse engineer an ECU to understand how one works. Openecu is a great resource, but what do you actually know about this ecu and engine? At the time of it's release, it was the most powerful processing ecu in the world. So you are sadly mistaken if you think it is the same as a Subaru legacy ecu from 6 years prior; or even one from 2011.
right right, magic BMW fairy dust makes engines and computer control, and of course physics itself work differently. The Subaru ECU's have a lot of shortfalls, all known compromises to save cost, the _right_ thing to do still isn't hasn't changed. 8 knock sensors > 1 for sure. However the GT-R is running the same line denso ECU, as are many other brands of car. You'd have a hard time convincing anyone that car is not state-of-the-art. My concern would be greater for BMW's because the hacker community is much smaller or non-existent. Hell sometimes you find dirty laundry in the OEM maps/code.

You are also stating that many respected tuners on this board are committing fraud by lying to their customers in stating that these exhausts keep the engine within acceptable limits. They are concealing and/or falsifying data. Your statements also conflict with various respected members as well as posted data. But, by all means, continue to scare people out of modifying their exhausts.
Ignorance is bliss. There's at least one exhaust vendor out there who's supposed dyno plot doesn't even have horsepower and torque cross at 5252. I just LOL'd and moved along. I wouldn't put blind faith for my engine in any vendor unless they full warrantied the engine for at least 100k.
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