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Originally Posted by 737Drvr View Post
I smell what your cooking. When it is someone else's car, you tend to worry more about its treatment and what can go wrong. The exception I can think of to this are the cars you use during a driving school such as Bondurant, the Audi experience, etc. While you don't want to wreck one of these, the schools help and encourage you to push both yourself and the car. The classes are pricey but a fun way to experience the potential of these cars. They offer a ZR1 course out at Bondurant. That I think would be fun. In the realm of Vette's, the Z06 does seem to be the sweet spot.

That's why you should get a GTR. It hits the sweet spot. I debated between a Turbo S and the new GTR and came to the conclusion a GTR would be more fun(because I would actually drive the thing like its intended instead of turning it into a garage queen).

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