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You do need to set them on street settings for the street as the ride gets a bit annoying and avoiding potholes etc becomes tiring. if you leave them on track settings there is an increase in 'trim work' vibration as well but, on the street settings it is just like 'normal/comfort' mode. very good ride and no vibration issues. the setting are really easy to switch back and forth when you change wheels/pads etc- 5 mins all four corners. i leave the rear rebound setting in the trunk set at the recommended 9 clicks for street and track- so no issues adjusting those.
with the track settings (and alignment) it is an unbelievable change. Zero understeer now and totally planted. the car rotates really well. if you several track days a year- well worth it.

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How much of a degradation of comfort over stock and how easy are these to adjust, ie. can a flip back and forth btwn comfort and track? Find myself using edc almost nil except for track duties, and if that's all I'm using it for might as well get coilovers, no? Help
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