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Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
There are aspects that I completely agree with you. I believe I might be in a similar situation as you (regarding knowledge of Vettes). The old man traded in his Z06 for a ZR1.

Although this seems like the cool, awesome, HP fanatic thing to do I do not agree with it at all. When speaking of the ZR1, I feel we are leaving the "bang for your buck" category and getting up there in the $$$ category.

It's performance numbers are truly amazing, however, I have yet to experience the awesomeness that this car provides. Where can 638 hp really be experienced? A lot of members chime in saying the ZR1 is more of a garage queen and I completely agree with that.

Ok here it comes, everyone ready for this?

Being 22 (I am young and I am fortunate enough to experience some of the capabilities of these cars) I truly appreciated the Z06 over the ZR1.

I do not like driving the ZR1. It makes me very nervous. It is not the HP it is just the $$$ amount of the thing I am driving (I try and respect cars). I would probably feel the same way in any 6 figure car (example Turbo S) as I cannot afford any mishaps in vehicles like these. This, in my honest opinion, took away from the joy that the Z06 offered. (75k and 505 of NA HP)
I smell what your cooking. When it is someone else's car, you tend to worry more about its treatment and what can go wrong. The exception I can think of to this are the cars you use during a driving school such as Bondurant, the Audi experience, etc. While you don't want to wreck one of these, the schools help and encourage you to push both yourself and the car. The classes are pricey but a fun way to experience the potential of these cars. They offer a ZR1 course out at Bondurant. That I think would be fun. In the realm of Vette's, the Z06 does seem to be the sweet spot.