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Originally Posted by dexx View Post
LOL yeah right. It tries to adjust after the knock sensors light up like christmas trees. It backs off, and tries again, and again, and again, and again to achieve the timing it was programmed for. That's why the engine isn't destroyed almost immediately.

What do you think aftermarket "software" is doing? LOL. Now you're relying on some random guy to get it right instead of a team of engineers at BMW. Judging from the maps I've seen in person, they get it wrong - a lot.
If your understanding were true, then the programming would never safely adjust between 91-100 octane either - as an example. How do you explain that people can run 91 octane or 93? How do you explain that they will gain power when higher octane 95+ is run? How can BMW, gasp, change the catback and add power with no programming? The ecu has trims and tuning ability for a reason.

I don't use aftermarket software because IMO it isn't a must unless you have deleted the primary cats.