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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
I was actually considering a Z06 Vette. Then one day I was at a traffic light and there was a red Corvette to my left at the intersection. It looked impressive at first glance. It turned and drove past me. The driver was this very fat guy leaning way back (only way he could fit into the car) with a cigarette and a big-ass gold chain. Talk about a stereotype !! At that point, all desire to own a Corvette went away.
Hey...Congratulations on adding the most irrelevant post to the thread! You see ONE guy in a car that doesn't meet your expectations of what the driver should look like and you're done with the car?

If you truly lived by that mantra (which I doubt) you'd probably have to make due without a lot in life.

Originally Posted by VVG View Post
However, it also has low budget a rent-a-car interior design and, IMO, a bit of a sleazy owner image.
I guess you didnt read the article before jumping in with your opinion? Also, for what it's worth, I'm a little offended that you refer to Corvette owners as sleazy. For a car that has been a major part of American culture since it's inception in 1952, you've got more mouth than brains.

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