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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
You read Dreams of my Father?

Minor children who are U.S. citizen's cannot lose their citizenship or have their citizenship renounced by their parents if they are under 18 years of age. Obama was under 18 when he lived in Indonesia, so he never lost his citizenship.
Yes I read it. I like historical biographies, but I was given a copy of obamas book and read it. Im not against the man personally like some are, I simply find no reason to not ask questions and want answers and if he is eligible then fine. I dont vote, doesnt make a different to me who is president, doesnt mean I cant discuss him or political issues even though im not political. And I didnt find the book to be all that interesting or anything but yeah I read it.

Well thats the puzzle isnt it. How did obama attend school in indonesia? And what if he was legally adopted there, since on his school card it shows his name as barry and states he is a citizen. How would an adoption have affected his status? And his official school card is forged or incorrect regarding his status and legal name?

Also he traveled to pakistan when he was 20. So he could have gotten an Indonesian passport after 18. Im sure that legally being adopted would have affect his citizenship status as a child. It only makes matters worse that Obama refuses to release any of his travel info or records of any kind. The president who volunteered for the job wont tell us anything about his life except for highly stylized stuff from a biography he didnt actually pen himself. The man who decides the fate of wars and policy should not be allowed to keep his records hidden. No one forced him to be president.

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