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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
^^^^very sweet
If you don't like weird noises and rattling the GTR may not be the car for you.
I swear both my GTRs were/are ready to explode (not in a good way) every time I get behind the wheel (especially driving leisurely) but they don't.
Though you should still buy one. It's acceleration is something else.
Thank You. I don't mind the noises if I know about them in advance. I've done some research about the GTR--especially on Nagtroc. The '12 sounds like a phenomenal car. I want the blue like you have and am hoping to order one this summer (depending on the situation in Japan and Nissan's ability or willingness to produce them). I've also talked to a couple of owners at cars and coffee and they spoke very highly of the GTR. Can't wait to get one. By the way, I like the X6M. Sweet ride and kind of a sleeper to those not in the know. A nice compliment to the GTR.